Hay & StraW

Our hay & straw is made for the equine market, with grades and prices to suit all types from race horses to ponies.

All our hay is made using the latest technology. Moisture is constantly monitored during baling with a moisture meter fitted to the baler. All the hay is immediately packed in 21 bale packs to ensure quick movement from the field and reduce the risk of any spoiling. The hay is stored in large barns and all hay is stored on pallets to allow movement of air.


Meadow Hay

Single Bale 21-Bale Pack


Our meadow hay is produced from long established leys with a large variety of grasses. Meadow hay is again suitable for all horses with a more interesting mix of grasses and lower protein and energy levels.

Seeds Hay

Single Bale 21-Bale Pack


All our seeds hay is grown from selected mixes, predominantly rye grass. These leys are maintained for three years and then ploughed up and re-seeded to maintain quality and consistency. Seeds hay is suitable for all horses, particularly those in work, with a consistent analysis and higher protein and energy levels.



Single Bale 21-Bale Pack


Wheat straw. 

Free Local Delivery

Generally, delivery is free for full loads or if the delivery fits into a normal delivery round.

For large orders (500 bales plus) or for orders from out of the area please call the office o01403 700 525 or mobiles 07789 888 011/012.

We take great pride in all our hay, haylage and straw, and offer a replacement guarantee on any hay, haylage and straw delivered which doesn’t meet our high standards.